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Melon Towers...

...the home of the comfy cushion

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Things you need to know...

1) I've never lived outside Yorkshire - born in the North Riding, lived in the South Riding whilst working in the West Riding and have lived and worked in the East Riding for 25 years.

2) Married to Mr Melon - my bezzy mate! When he's good he's the loveliest man alive, and when he's bad he's World's Grumpiest Man. We live with our four cats.

3) I do teaching.

4) I've got one Dad, one brother, one sis in law, three nephews, two aunts, one uncle and three cousins, plus The Mum-in-Law

5) I live at the back-end of beyond on the banks of the Humber estuary - which is a lot more picuresque than you might think... look ....

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