I still exists!

I didn't realise how bad I'd been at posting here till lj nearly deleted me!

Many tales to tell... no time right now, though.

Watch this space...
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Sunday Breakfast Chez Melon

Step One: Feed cats, clean kitchen worktops, sweep floor
Step Two: Get daughter out of bed, dress, brush hair
Step Three: Introduce her to Weetabix
Step Four: Family all eat big Sunday breakfast
Step Five: Sweep floor all over again to remove five hundred tons of Weetabix crumbs.

I swear that stuff occupies a parallel dimension or something.

I'm a bad, bad LJ person

I have no real excuse for my extended absence; just that Life has got in the way of the virtual world. Oh - and our internet connection was getting *really* unreliable.
Anyhoo, we've now got a dongle whic seems to work much better, so let's see how it holds up.

Beth is now almost three and this year is madly excited about Christmas; we've bought a sickeningly pink doll's house and I'm almost as excited as she is!

To everyone on my F-list - a happy, happy Christmas and all the very best for 2011. I reslove to try to post here more often!


More fanart...

A sign that I'm too awake to go to bed but too tired to write.  Go figure.

Anyway - inspired by:
  • [info]whufan1  's debate about which Glenister had the nicest eyes (Robert, OF COURSE!)
  • Terry Reid ficcing
  • the Incredible Hulk
  • scary wallpapers

Banner-size copy available for anyone who wants to seriously disturb forum members...


Just a bit of fanart...

Been playing around with this for a bit and I think this is as good as I'm going to get it.  I know there are folks out there on my f-list who could do a much better job, but hopefully it'll raise at least a smile.

A prize for anyone who can place the quotation (my money's on Penfold getting in there first!)


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